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Berkay Tulpar graduated from İstanbul Bilim University. He is well-known both at home and abroad (especially  USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Dubai and Sudia Arabia) due to his succesful hair, eyebrow and beard transplantation surgeries.

He has a large number of  patients and oganizes training and seminars about  plastic surgery and hair transplantation.

Berkay Tulpar has established his own brand and has been applying hair/beard treatments by sedoanalgesia technique which is giving painless comfort to his patients, including needle pains.
And also he reaches 8-10 thousand grafts using single session lateral slit method with the mega-session.

However, he is applied many kinds of hair treatments to his patients. (alopecia, anti-hairloss and caring applications). In addition to these treatments, he applies the growth factor application at Turkey.  He closely follows  the technologies and applications about hair care in Turkey and worldwide.